Optimal Solutions for Today's Businesses

With today's ever increasing usefulness of the web, many small businesses find themselves in the position where employees must often regularly access information on various websites and portals.  We offer low cost solutions that allow businesses to automate retrieving such data directly back into your main application, greatly speeding up the process while freeing up employees from the time consuming task.  Often manually retrieving the information requires employees to enter user names and passwords, navigate through the website, and then log off.  By automating the process all these steps can be eliminated.

If you can imagine your system automatically retrieving and using data from the web, contact us to discuss how we can implement it for you.

We are also experts at integrating automatic emailing functionality into existing business systems.  If your business stands to benefit from automatic communication with vendors, customers, or business partners, call us to see how we can implement this for you.

We also offer services to intelligently limit and restrict employee web browsing and online activity.

Located in Northridge in the center of the San Fernando Valley in Northern Los Angeles, call or email us for a free consultation today. We serve the greater Los Angeles, Ventura, and Orange County Areas, located just minutes away from the Van Nuys Airport.

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